Who's Judging?

Vegans Under Fire: Addressing Common Misconceptions

November 11, 2022 Connor & Dani Season 2 Episode 4
Who's Judging?
Vegans Under Fire: Addressing Common Misconceptions
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Show Notes

Are all vegans the same? On this episode of our podcast, we're breaking down the stereotypes and assumptions that are often made about vegans. You'll hear from two vegans with very different backgrounds and viewpoints, as they share their personal experiences and the misconceptions they've encountered. From the belief that vegans are weak and malnourished to the assumption that veganism is a privileged lifestyle, we'll explore the common stereotypes that vegans face and how they're challenging them. With a mix of humor, personal anecdotes, and evidence, this episode will give you a new perspective on the realities of being vegan, and how to respond to the most common assumptions. Don't miss this eye-opening and entertaining episode that will change the way you think about veganism.

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