Who's Judging?

Would Covid Have Happened if We Were Vegan?

March 10, 2023 Connor Season 2 Episode 13
Who's Judging?
Would Covid Have Happened if We Were Vegan?
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Show Notes

In this introspective episode, we explore the question of whether the COVID-19 pandemic would have occurred if humans were following a vegan lifestyle. Our host dives deep into the complex relationships between animal agriculture, zoonotic diseases, and the emergence of pandemics, reflecting on the role of human behavior in creating and exacerbating these issues.

Connor shares insights on the ways in which animal agriculture and the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, and other purposes have contributed to the emergence and spread of diseases like COVID-19. He also explore the ways in which a vegan lifestyle can help prevent future pandemics by reducing the risk of zoonotic disease transmission.

We provide evidence-based arguments and share our perspective on the connections between food choices, the treatment of animals, and public health. This episode challenges listeners to reflect on their own choices and consider the potential impacts of adopting a vegan lifestyle on personal and global health.

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