Who's Judging?

Carolyn Scott: The Healthy Voyager Sets Her Sails

November 24, 2023 Connor Dickie Season 4 Episode 4
Who's Judging?
Carolyn Scott: The Healthy Voyager Sets Her Sails
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Get ready for an inspiring journey into the world of veganism and sustainable living as we sit down with a true trailblazer, Carolyn Scott, also known as The Healthy Voyager, on this special episode of the 'Who's Judging?' Podcast!

As a 25-year Latina vegan, renowned media personality, show host, chef, nutritionist, best-selling cookbook author, consultant, and speaker, Carolyn's impact extends far beyond the kitchen. Her latest cookbook, 'The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen - 10th anniversary edition,' is flying off the shelves, showcasing her culinary expertise and commitment to plant-based living.

From transforming major theme parks into vegan havens to consulting with global hotel chains and hosting the world's first vegan travel show, Carolyn's journey is extraordinary. In this episode, we delve into her personal vegan journey, the impact of social media on veganism, and the role of media personalities in promoting plant-based living.

Don't miss this culinary adventure filled with insights from a true pioneer in the world of veganism and sustainable living. 

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